The Dj JMo

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Turn the WORLD off and MUSIC on!!!!!! KNOWN for that SOULHOP BOOM BAP FLY STUFF. Check out my mix's online @

Dj JMo reigns from the Motor City, Detroit. Music has been apart of his being and foundation form the beginning. Pin pointing his love for music can be quite challenging. Was it the trumpet? Was it the coronet? Perhaps it was the opportunity to “man” the sticks at St. James Missionary Baptist Church? Good luck with trying to find the culprit responsible for the beat that resonates in his soul. While in college, JMo sought out his love for music just as she was looking for him. In his search, he explored the art of scratching and cutting records at the expense of a high school friend. After much experimenting, it was a match made in heaven. Local area brothers of the art embraced his uniqueness and style and gave him a chance to bring about a brand new flavor. It was this opportunity that propelled DJ Jmo forward into an area of soul music that was yet to be visited. Dj Jmo found his niche and has plowed full speed ahead. He credits much of his experience and knowledge to the collaboration of the Soulition Dj’s, Soul Children, Tastemakers Worldwide, and The International Soul Summit. In the midst of this journey, Dj Jmo has poured his experience, knowledge and love for music into a vessel now known as MoSoulent where he is the founder. So whether you remember, Mo, Dj JMo, or MoSoulent. Remember that this is just the beginning.