DJ Cuzzin B was born & raised in St. Louis Missouri. He credits his uncle for his love of various genres of music as he was a drummer in a rock band. “My 1st memories of music come from either watching my uncle in rehearsal or riding around with him as he BLASTED everything from The Police & Black Sabbath to Maze & Luther.” He 1st caught the DJ bug in high school, zoning in on the DJ at the local skating rink and studying DJ Kut’s live sets on St. Louis radio. He linked up w/ childhood friend, DJ Reminise and they began DJing house parties, cookouts & anything else they could to develop their skills. He migrated to Jackson, MS following high school graduation to attend Jackson State University. He joined the 3rd Eye DJ crew at J-State (DJ PhingaPrint, Jay*Clipp, DJ Conscience, DJ Scrap Dirty & B-Dub). 3rd Eye was ‘the’ crew when it came to parties at Jackson State. They helped him transition his craft to the club level. 2 weeks after graduation, he took his degree to Washington, DC to begin working for National Public Radio. He also continued his journey as a mixtap/club DJ. Point Blank Entertainment (LLC) began in 2002. Since then, they’ve developed a cult following, producing a plethora of mix tapes which include the “Soul 4 Sale” series. In 2006, Cuzzin B along with 7 other gentlemen including Grammy Award Winning producer 9th Wonder, formed the True School Corporation, a company focusing on and highlighting the ‘golden era’ of music, movies & culture through parties & community events. DJ Cuzzin B has been blessed with opportunity to display his talents around the world. He’s DJ’ed for crowds in Paris, Toronto, London, Bahamas & all points U.S. Follow DJ Cuzzin B