DJ Jay*Clipp is known for getting the party hype with true hip-hop music and educating the audience with the back-in-the-day moods that infused the sounds we hear today. As a teenager, music was always his first love and he says he was born to spin. Jay*Clipp started his music career as a true-to-the-streets rapper, and earned his coveted name—Jay Clipp—because he was known for unloading lyrics with quick beats and clever finesse. DJ Jay*Clipp began to concentrate more on the 1’s and 2’s, while introducing his mixing style to the Dirty South. He attended Jackson State University, in Mississippi, and quickly became the DJ of choice for real turn-style hip-hop music. Today, he is one of the most sought after DJs playing anywhere from Dallas to Amsterdam, the South to London to everywhere across the globe—he is known as the DJ that will travel! Clipp has an impressive roster list of clients in music, fashion, film, television, media, and of course the nightlife. And although Clipp travels around the world Djing for record labels, designers, networks, television, and more he still maintains his true-to-the-streets style for hip-hop music. “Djing is an art,” says DJ Jay*Clipp in a recent interview. “I have to read my crowd, know my beats, and spin, all while searching for the right mix to keep the people rocking.” “To me personally, there are only a select few ‘real’ DJs out there in today’s market,” says Clipp. “I mean anyone can buy the equipment and listen to the radio to configure some type of formula or format, but DJs are supposed to expose the new hits – break out the underground music and bring the hits to the people.” Clipp who has a no rules – be it new school or old school – but just a real hip-hop format for his parties, can match any genre of music. From childhood to today, DJ Jay*Clipp has been exposed to all styles of music and no matter the client or setting, he can effortlessly blend his music to excite the crowds. He says it’s his job to take the crowd on a musical mind traveling experience. Currently, Mr. Hip Hop resides in Dallas, Texas, promoting several partner companies including the worldwide Team 9th Wonder/True School Corporation, and Point Blank Entertainment (LLC). He and his partners produce a variety of mixtapes, which has garnered the group a strong international brand of hip-hop followers by the day. He just started the Keep Spinning DJ Academy in Dallas, educating those who want to learn the art of the DJ.